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Feature Films

Fantastic 4
20th Century Fox
Fall 2003

Special FX Sculptor
Mold-making/casting of architectural elements for set.

I, Robot
20th Century Fox
Summer 2003

Special FX Sculptor
Member of effects team (Objects Inc.) assisted in cockpit design of Audi prototype effects cars. Also created crashed version of same.

The Chronicles of Riddick
Universal Films
Winter/ Spring/ Summer 2003

Head Sculptor
Management of large fabrication crews (60-115 members in total). Created construction process and supervised multiple crews in the execution of complex architectural and organic landscape scenery.

20th Century Fox
Summer 2002

Special FX Sculptor
Member of effects team (Objects Inc.) Executed interior cock-pit elements for X-JET-8 carbon fiber cock-pit seats for X-Men crew. Also created exploding door effect.

The Core
Paramount Pictures
Fall 2001/ Winter 2002

Head Sculptor
Supervision/Direction of 50 member crew
Created fabrication process and techniques for construction of "Geod Set"- hundreds of trnsparent acrylic geode crystals were moulded and assembled ranging in size from 3 ft. to 30 ft. in height. Created full-size sculpture of "Virgil" set piece of subterranian boring vehicle.

Steven Spielsberg/ Disney- television series
Fall 2001

Head Sculptor
Collaborative design of the interior cock-pit Alien space-craft- Chris Gorak- production designer. direction of 12 member crew.

A Wrinkle in Time
Walt Disney Productions
Spring 2001

Special FX Sculptor
Various scenic sculptural effects.

Winter Dance
Walt Disney Productions Winter 2001

Various interior ice-cave elements.

Seven Days
Winter 2001

Head Sculptor
Architectural detail sculpture modeling and mold-making.

Out Cold
Sugar Mountain Productions Winter 2000

Head Sculptor/ Model Maker
Design of key "Papa Muntz Skier' story element. 1.25 scale monument of skier directly sculpted in polystyrene foam and hard coated with fiberglass.

Like Cats and Dogs
Warner Brothers
Spring/ Fall 2000

Head Model Maker
Required management of large crew and coordination of complex projects servicing many departments i.e. Props, Set Decoration, Construction, Costumes, Special Effects, Visual Effects and Animal Training - Over 6 month shooting schedule. Projects included design and fabrication of props and wardrobe for live animals and puppets (Hensens of London/ LA), set sculpture and breakaways.

Chris Issak Show
Chris Issak Productions-Viacom
Summer 2000

Head Sculptor
Creation of fullsize sculpture set piece of female nude on art nouveau sea creature.

The Sixth Day
Phoenix Pictures
Fall 1999/ Winter 2000

Head Sculptor
Required the management of a large crew (8-24 members) to create over 30 individual sculpted portrait figurines small and large scale. Co-ordinated and expedited projects servicing Props, Set Decoration, Special Effects, Construction and Transportation.

Mission to Mars
Red Horizon Production (Disney)
Spring/Summer 99

Head Sculptor/Projects Co-ordinator
Management of 24 member crew, liaison with special effects, props, set decoration and construction departments. Spacecraft hardware: mold-making and parts production. Exterior Martian surface: landscape features and rock formations.

Spooky House
Spooky Productions
Fall 98

Head Sculptor
Carving of set pieces, architectural detailing, casting of multiples.

Atomic Train
GEP Productions
Fall 98

Head Sculptor
Moldmaking and casting of train undercarriage including wheels and coupler etc. Carving of statuary, casting of multiples, various breakway glass, steel reinforcing bar etc.

Lake Placid
Lake Placid BEI
Summer 98

Head Sculptor
Rock face profiles, mold-making, set decoration, set pieces, carved T.Rex fossils, etc.

The Crow
Crow Productions (tv series)
Spring 98

Head Sculptor
Sculpting, modeling, mold-making and casting of architectural details. Sculpture of matching gargoyles.

It's True
Paramount Pictures
Winter 98

Head Sculptor
Construction of large scale statuary.

The Thirteenth Warrior
Disney/Elk Bay Productions
Spring/Fall 97, Fall 98

Head Sculptor
Model-making, productions of originals for multiple castings, mold making, sculptural supervision of set construction.

Seven Years in Tibet
Winter 97

Head Sculptor
Creation of Tibetan Stupa's for location. Winter 97 - All winters that have been - Sculptor West coast native style totem pole.

Poltergeist Season II
Pacific Motion Pictures
Winter 97

Special Effects Sculptor
3D mattes for visual effect.

Intensity Productions Limited Partnership
Fall 96

Head Sculptor
Mold-making/casting of architectural elements for interior set.

Ellen Foster
Pacific Motion Pictures
Fall 96

Hand painted stained glass match for interior location.

Badge of Betrayal
Park City Productions
Summer 96

Head Sculptor
Special effects portrait bust for drowning scene.

Braving Alaska
Productions Ltd
Summer - Fall 96

Head Sculptor
Special Effects ice sheet for stunt. Creation of rock face and cliff for special effects wave tank scene.

Universal Pictures/Television
Fall 95/Spring 96

Head Sculptor
Moldmaking/ casting of architectural and sculptural elements, modeling and carving of portraits and figures.

Highlander (tv series)
Summer 95


X-Files (tv series)
Fox Network
Summer 95

Jet fighter cockpit canopy.

Bordello of Blood
(Tales from the Crypt)
New city Productions
Summer 95

Sculptor/Effects Sculptor
Make-up effects, special effects.

Ace Ventura II (Nature is Calling)
Morgan Creek Productions
Spring 95

Animatronic rhino, elephant sculpture, co-ordination with animatronics team.

Universal Pictures/Television
Winter 95

Various statuary and mechanical effects.

Odyssey III
CBC/Waterstreet Productions
Summer 94

Head Sculptor
Various statuary and architectural detail.


Slam Dunk Ernest
Ernest partners
Fall 94

Various architectural detail.

Time Cop
Largo Entertainment
Summer/Fall 93

Head Sculptor
Interpretation of renderings (Designer: Syd Mead) two futuristic automobiles. Sculpture of pratical full-scale police squad car and pratical full-scale stretched limousine. Supervision of various contributing department crews, 3-10 members.

Legends of the Fall
Tri-Star Pictures
Spring 93

Various stone masonry on exterior facades, scenic carpentry, architectural elements.

Artic Blue
Artic Blue Productions
Spring 93

Sculpture of various rock formations and interior of snow cave.

Look Who's Talking Now
Tri-Star Pictures
Spring 93

Various rock and snow formations. Sculpture of interior of jet cockpit elements, fabrication of castle doghouse model.

(Andes) Productions
Spring 92

Head Sculptor
Demolition of aircraft fuselage to match documentary photo of actual crash site. ( x2 - sound stage rain cover & exterior glacier.) Supervision of assistants, 5-15 crew members. Sculpture/engineering, instalation of breakway snow-bridge over crevasse on active ice fall. Sculpture of snow, ice, rock, for locations.

Stay Tuned
ST Productions
Fall 91

Various architectural elements: Interior Norman castle; Interior 1920's nightclub; exterior of 17th Century Paris street.

West Edmonton Mall, Eskimo Theme Suites, Fantasyland Hotel
Ajatan Enterprises
Summer 91/Summer 86

Head Sculptor
Interpretation of renderings, construction of armatures, sculpture of set piece, instalation on site, supervision of construction and installation crews, 2/5 members.

Traveler, Musical Feature
Papa Bear Productions
Spring 91

Art Director
Design, construction and operation of experimental camera crane & vehicle mount.(for motorcycle, autobile, stationary/ground) Remote location filming unit. Collaboration with director on storyboard and shot set-ups.


Mattel Toys
Four Commercial Spots
Harley's House
Summer 96

Model-Making/Effects Department Head
Designs for product display and special effects.

Mattel Toys
Commercial Spot
Open Films
Winter 96

Head Model-Maker/ Model Effects
Designs for product display and special effects.

Mattel Toys
Commercial Spot
Film U.S. / Venice CA
Spring 96

Technical Supervisor
Travel to LA to work on Mattel soundstage at El Segundo CA.

Mattel Toys
Four Commercial Spots
Herb Stott Films - LA
January 96

Department Head
Designs for product display and special effects.

Mattel Toys
Two Commercial Spots
Neil Slavin Films - NY
December 95

Department Head
Designs for product display and special effects.

Mattel Toys
Three Commercial Spots
Atlas Pictures - LA
July 95

Department Head
Designs for product display and special effects.


C.I.S.R. / Department of Communications Canada - Research Grant

Canada Council Explorations Grant, 1992

The PanOpticon project: Research and development of an electro-acoustic sculpture.

BC Cultural Fund Professional studies award, 1985-86

Research scholarship. Extension of post-graduate work begun at ECCAD: Research into modern and historical aspects of technology in sculpture and architecture.

BC Cultural Fund Grant, 1983 and 1984
Tuition support while studying at Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

Victoria Arts Council, 1978/81/82
Tuition support while studying at the Victoria College of Art.

Victoria High School, 1970 Graduation Scholarship
Tuition support while studying at Vancouver School of Art