Feature Films The Crow
Crow Productions
Lake Placid
Lake Placid BEI

X-men II
20th Century Fox

It's True
Paramount Pictures

Atomic Train
GEP Productions

The Core
Paramount Pictures
Universal Pictures Television
Braving Alaska
Movie of the Week
The Chronicles Of Riddick
The 13th Warrior
Disney/ Elk Bay Productions
Fire on the Mountain
Movie of the Week
I, Robot
20th Century Fox
Ace Ventura II
Morgan Creek Productions
Mission to Mars
Red Horizon Production/ Disney
SKG Disney
Bordello of Blood
New City Productions
Fantastic 4
20th Century Fox
Harsh Realm
Fox Network
Other Works

Like Cats & Dogs
Warner Brothers

Largo Entertainment
Private Comission
Out Cold
Sugar Mountain Productions
Disney/Paramount Productions
Balancing Dolphins
Private Comission
Chris Issak Show
Chris Issak Productions-Viacom

The Sixth Day
Sixth Day Productions


Liquid Lens Installation
Gordon Head Rec Center

Public Art Commission