Lake Placid
Lake Placid BEI

Landscape Rock Faces / Cliffs for 3 acres lake set.

I refined the mould and casting technique developed on 13th warrior. Cast real rock surface in silicone rubber and used spray poly-eurathane rigid foam to create hundreds of panels which were then assembled on a scaffold foundation. There were actually only 3-4 original moulds of different rock profiles to create the continuous but irregular pattern of the rocky surface.

Set decoration required a head and shoulders of a T-rex skeleton, a few other dinosaur skulls and fossils. The T-Rex was carved directly in Polystyrene. The Dino Heads were actually 'renovated' giant bear skulls which I carved for the 13th warrior. The fossils were created from shells, etc.. I had the good fortune to meet and work with Stan Winston's crew from LA - The animatronic crock for the show (3 versions, 16 feet long) were created by them. I did a little moulding and casting for them.