The Sixth Day
Sixth Day Productions

Figurative Sculpture & Futuristic vehicle modifications.

The concept of 6th day takes its cue from the current controversy surrounding the advances of science in the field of genetics. Its the year 2020 or so and if your pet duck, dog or platypus ends up croaking, all you have to do is take his or her remains to the 'repet center' where you can have them reconstituted just as they were!


To get the customer in the mood the design called for a kind of 'Universal' theme store type setting with character sculptures of dogs, cats, fish etc. covering walls spinning around double helixes on the floors, etc. just stuff everywhere! For me and my crew of 20+ sculptors it was dream theme come true.

Over a period of 3-4 weeks we created over 30 portrait high relief and full dimensional sculptures of various sizes small, medium & large, not to mention many interior architectural features which carried the theme store look to a high quality corporate feel. Each piece received special care to achieve a very smooth, shiny, slick moulded look. When the set was ready for camera and lighted it was really something to behold.

Futuristic Vehicles:
As with many films of this size, the services of the sculptor can play out in many ways and many forms. As well as servicing props, set decoration and construction, I was asked by the transport department to assist in the creation of a futuristic concept vehicle (shades of Time Cop) and add-on accessories for current model passenger cars and SUV's.

A silverado pickup was transformed into a tough looking pickup SUV crossover with concept front end, wheel covers, box rack and cab lighting. 4-5 cars and trucks were fitted with trick looking wheel covers. The pickup actually went through a redesign so as happens sometimes in the movies, we had to do it again.