My many years as a film technician, i.e. sculptor, mouldmaker, modelmaker, props builder, carpenter, draftsman, illustrator & designer leads naturally to time in a career when ones experience becomes valuable to those who need that one individual who knows (from doing) what needs to be done. My opinions and guidance have been sought out by production designers, art directors, special effects coordinators, props masters and construction coordinators. I have provided consultation services to these and other individuals and groups. The accumulated knowledge and experience of many years, under sometimes extreme pressure and even physical danger, have strengthened my character and judgment.



  • To provide a pre-production (design & technical) consulting/ management service in the television/ film industry, on site or remote - world wide.
  • To provide a pre-production (design & technical) service within the envelope of the entertainment field including world exposition venues, theater/ stage, etc. on site or remote - world wide.
  • To provide a hands on design & fabrication service which includes artistic innovations in the field of general & experimental architecture. On site or remote - world wide.
  • To provide design & technical service tailoring international crews of expert technicians to service specific projects. On site or remote - world wide.

Personnel - management / training

The film business in Vancouver has grown at a fantastic rate. The IATSE union roster showed a membership of 300+ members when I was initiated in 1988. The number of members and working permitees now in the year 2001 is over three thousand! (not to mention individuals in other unions working independent film and commercials).

As a senior member of IATSE 891, I am one of only a few technicians with the range of experiences I've accumulated. I have faced many situations over the years in which I was called upon to initiate members of a crew, many of whom had never worked in film before, into the complexities of the preproduction work. To expedite the creation of these works (working under deadline and budgetary constraints) I was required to evaluate crew members skill levels, natural talents and ambitions, directing them, teaching them and encouraging them toward the desired end. It was through this process that many members found their own gifts and talents, and are now experienced and valued members of the film community in Vancouver.

The Chronicles Of Riddick


In the capacity of a department head I have been required to liaise with all or most of the contributing departments, department heads and managers of a given film project. The coordination & transmission of information between department head, designer, production management requires the diligent organization of my department and my assistants. The delegation of work to crew members best suited to the project, selection of materials and technical approach, require a constant and concise dialogue with management and technician.

Of course the one constant concern for management is budget. Therefore I am responsible for the estimation of costs for labour, the time that can be given to the completion of a given project and the cost & selection of the appropriate materials to be used in the project. Budgeting is an aspect of project administration which draws heavily on the accumulated experience and knowledge of my craft.