Like Cats & Dogs
Warner Brothers

In many of the feature film projects of the past few years: Lake Placid, Mission to Mars and the Sixth Day, it was physical and technical scale that gave them a memorable character for me. Cats and Dogs was bigger than any of them. It was huge in fact, but in a very small way. Cats and Dogs required more of everything I've ever done. For over six months it was relentless. My crew and I serviced Construction, Special FX, Props, Set Decoration, Costumes, Visual FX, Puppets, Animal Training and Art Departments.

Although difficult and frustrating at times, Cats and Dogs was a privilege to work on. It gave me yet another opportunity to push the envelope of my knowledge and experience.

One of the most challenging projects that we undertook on Cats and Dogs was the Mason's Factory "Legions of Mice" sequence. It required a assembly-line approach to the creation of ten-thousand rubber mice. These physical castings were filmed on set and then animated in post-production.

Mice by the Thousands..