Pre-Production Film Technician, Artist - Sculptor,
Model Maker, Props Builder / Designer

For over 18 years I have been involved with film production in Vancouver. Beginning in 1986 after graduation from Vancouver's Emily Carr College of Art & Design, and completion of a directed studies program at the University of British Columbia see resume the same year, I've had the good fortune to work on many projects from the MacGyver series and X Files series to feature film such as Mission to Mars and Schwarzenegger's Sixth Day. I've worked with world class production teams and designers such as Frank Marshall (Director) Norman Reynolds (Designer on Alive), John McTiernen (Director), Wolfe Kruger (Designer on The 13th Warrior), Brian Depalma (Director), Ed Vereau (Designer on Mission to Mars and Jim Bissel (Designer on Like Cats and Dogs).

Mission To Mars

My movie experience has focused my artistic ambition and provided a Canadian artist/sculptor what could be called 'a dream career'. Working in film has given me freedom to work in a wide field at fantastic scales in fabulous settings. It has allowed me to experiment with materials and techniques unknown to the traditional 'studio artists' and allowed me the privilege of collaborating with technicians in related and unrelated fields.